The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 23 review: Is Amy leaving?

The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 23 reviewOn The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 23 tonight, we started things off with some very big news for a certain Amy Farrah Fowler — she is getting a great opportunity to leave and do a different gig for the summer. Princeton called for a summer research fellowship, and she’s be silly to turn it down … provided, of course, that her relationship with Sheldon withstood it.

While Sheldon first proclaimed that he was fine with it, he also was obviously bummed out. This was a rough episode for the character, since all of the drama started when it was first revealed that the government project was abruptly taken from the guys the moment that they finished it up. Everyone handled this in their own way, with Howard getting overly affectionate with Bernadette and with Leonard looking for joy in any form (more later).

In getting back to Sheldon and Amy, he was ultimately more supportive of Amy than we thought. He bought her luggage, and the two slept together one last time before she was set to depart. Their love-making noises were weird, and awkward. Yes, this was juvenile comedy, but every now and then you get that with this show.

The most important takeaway from this episode is that the Sheldon if season 1 probably would have freaked over this and never allowed Amy the opportunity. He probably wouldn’t have Amy at all.

As for elsewhere…

Another big story tonight focused on Raj getting set to move out of Leonard and Penny’s house. He was somewhat conflicted over it, but Leonard and Penny couldn’t contain their excitement. We gotta say that this was a rather anti-climactic end to a pretty interesting story this season. Apparently, he is going to be living with Bert, so we wonder if that in turn means that we will be getting to see more of this character over the course of next season.

Overall take

This episode was funny, but we’re surprised at just how easily most of the stories within it were tied together. There really wasn’t much in the way of extreme conflict, and it feels more than anything like this was a foundation for the finale next week. While funny, we wouldn’t classify this as necessarily all that memorable. Grade: B.

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