Blue Bloods season 8: Vanessa Ray returning as Eddie Janko

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Consider this reassurance for those of you who have been concerned as of late: Vanessa Ray will be back on Blue Bloods season 8. We know that the character of Eddie Janko has been absent as of late and all signs point to her not have a big role in the finale, if any role at all — but rest assured she’s going to be back next season.

The news of Ray’s return was confirmed in a post in her Instagram account, where she was talking about a style that Eddie could try in season 8. The show wrote out the character temporarily earlier this season, as she and Jamie are currently working apart, presumably with different partners. (Will Estes, for the record, has also had a fairly limited presence on the show as of late save for some Reagan family dinner scenes.)

One of the reasons to be excited about the future of Ray on the show is simple — it feels like the Jamie / Eddie relationship can no longer be concealed. She’s not showing up to family dinners yet, and they’re not even a couple for the time being, but the show seems interested in moving things along in that direction in the wake of them kissing and being open about their feelings.

Are there still major obstacles for them to overcome? Absolutely, with one of the biggest ones being the sole fact that they work together in a position that could be compromising if they are a romantic couple. That’s a situation that the writers are going to have to figure out, and it’s tricky to reconcile since you want the show to be realistic, but you also don’t want to separate the two permanently since that would mean less of the two characters on-screen together. (There are so many storylines in an episode of the show as it is.)

Presumably, Blue Bloods season 8 will premiere on CBS this fall. There are people deeply invested in the Eddie character after several seasons with the show, and we can’t see the writers forgetting that.

For now, tell us in the comments what you want to see from Eddie over the course of a Blue Bloods season 8!

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