Chicago Med season 2: Should Will and Natalie get together this season?

Will and NatalieMrs. Carter: Is it time for Will and Natalie to act on their feelings before Chicago Med season 2 comes to a close?

Over the course of this past episode, you could see a pair of different things happening. First, you saw the beginning of the end potentially for the Will – Nina relationship. He realized how the bond that he had with Natalie was making her feel, and while he apologized and opted to talk with Dr. Manning about it, this doesn’t change the new-found source of tension that is there. Maybe if Will had distanced himself further from Natalie, that could be different, but it’s also admittedly tough. They work together, and are in close quarters almost the entirety of the day together.

The second problem is precisely what Natalie commented on to Will during their conversation — there is obviously something there. While physically Dr. Halstead hasn’t been unfaithful to his girlfriend, there’s an emotional connection there that is detectable. It’s understandable while Nina feels the way that she does. Will has to assess some of these feelings and figure out what he wants to do. If he realizes that he has feelings for Natalie, he should be respectful of the relationship that he’s in and end it. It’s still going to be hurtful to Nina — anything would in these circumstances — but it’s better than putting on a ruse that he wants to be with her if he realizes that he’s in love with someone else.

As for if he should get together this season with Natalie, it just feels a little too early. It’d be messy, and it’d be hard to say that they were getting a romantic relationship off on the right foot. Even if he waits until things with Nina are over, he’d still be jumping from one relationship into a potential one right away. That does happen, and it does often end up being messy. Maybe the show wants it to be messy, but in a picture-perfect world Will would wait, figure out where he stands, and then try and assess his personal life from there.

Also, there are some other concerns that could come from two doctors working together who also have a romantic relationship. Could that impact the way that they make decisions, and would they put each other’s needs over the needs of a patient? They may not want to, but it could happen. It’s a situation that any character in the One Chicago franchise would have to navigate.

Do you think Will and Natalie should get together this season, or is this better as a season 3 storyline — provided of course it comes back? Share below!

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