The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 23 sneak peek: Amy’s debate

Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 23 sneak peekThursday night’s new episode of The Big Bang Theory is right around the corner, and judging from the information that we have all about it all signs point to this one being one of the biggest installments of the season to date.

What’s the reason for us thinking this way? Well, much of it stems from the fact that Amy Farrah Fowler has one of the most critical decisions to make in the history of both her career and her relationship with Sheldon: Spending a summer to take on a guest position at Princeton. It’s an incredible opportunity to build her career as well as her contact book, but it’s also something that could send Sheldon over the edge since he hates change.

Yet, he really should be better equipped to handle change at this point. One of the common threads with this show over the years is the growth of the characters, especially Sheldon who we have seen go from living with Leonard in his secure world, to hopping a train in order to find himself and living with a girlfriend for the first time. You can argue that it’s an easy of a device to fall back to, but in this case it works since it really is what this show is all about. Sheldon likes things to be his way or the highway, and he’s now forced to confront a situation where he has to be happy for someone else and allow them to enjoy this opportunity.

Ultimately, one of the things that we’re really wondering is whether or not missing Amy could help him to further realize how badly he needs her in his life. In turn, this could be one of the primary pushes to help him consider an engagement again. It’s been a rather long time since this was brought up on the show, but there was a time when it was something he was ready for. With Amy and Sheldon’s living situation going rather well, it could easily be something that pops back up on Sheldon’s radar.

Aside from the Amy storyline, the two sneak peeks below also indicate that Raj could be moving out of Leonard and Penny’s and into a spare room that Bert has above his garage. Penny couldn’t be happier at the thought of him leaving and so are we. It was a solid storyline to see Raj break off from his dad’s money and try to make a go of things on his own since Raj has really needed his own growth story.

Do you think that Amy could really leave, and what would Sheldon do if she did? Share in the comments below! (Photo: CBS.)

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