Agents of SHIELD season 4: Is Henry Simmons leaving?

Henry SimmonsComing out of tonight’s Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode, is Henry Simmons leaving? That’s a major question we’re left to wonder.

In terms of whether or not he could be departing, it makes sense to be concerned over his future. Just remember that in the closing minutes of the episode, Mack decided to stay in the Framework, a place where he could write a wrong and live with Hope still a part of his world. In his mind, it didn’t matter if she was real or fake.

We cannot confirm one way or another what Simmons’ future will be — the fact that he is not on social media probably further continues the mystery a little bit longer. The fact that you do see Mack’s body in the preview for next week’s episode probably does suggest further that there is a reason to have hope for him.

Here’s what we would say is the real smoking gun that Mack is not done with the show just yet — if he was, you would be seeing most likely some interviews with either Simmons or the show’s executive producers talking about the decision to end this story here. We do think that it’s possible for almost anyone on this show to be killed off, but left in the Framework is not something that we foresee being the ideal way to end the story for this character. He’s a fighter, and we understand why he would want to stay back with Hope in the moment. We just can’t imagine that this is the decision he’ll make when the dust settles and he has some more time to ponder all of this over.

Oh, and we should also remind you that Mack is featured in the preview for the next episode, even if he is still suspended in the real world and doesn’t seem to be moving. That’s one last reason to have hope.

For now, just have patience, and send some good vibes the SHIELD team’s way. We just lost the Patriot on the show, so it’d be a pretty giant bummer to lose someone else so soon who is just as popular with many longtime fans.

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