Chicago Fire season 5 episode 20 review: Severide, Anna embrace every moment

Chicago Fire season 5 episode 20 reviewThere was darkness residing under the surface of Chicago Fire season 5 episode 20. From the moment we saw Anna reenter the hospital, we had a feeling that things were going to go badly.

Unfortunately, that is precisely what happened. Her condition deteriorated over the course of the episode, and it was clear that she was not going to be able to make it out of this situation alive. Severide was determined to help her fight through the pain and the cancer, but she was past the point of no return. Kelly had his opportunity to say goodbye, but because she had a DNR, there was no bringing her back once she was gone.

This will be a watershed moment for Severide’s life. He had met someone who made him a better person, and in the most terrible and cruel twist of fate, she was taken from him. It’s still too early to know one way or another how he will recover from this, but he was clearly shaken tonight and for good reason.

Anna’s final words were “carry me.” She wanted him to live with his memories of her, but not burden himself with anything that happened. Was  he able to do that? He did handle and channel some of his pain better than we imagined that he would, going back to an elderly woman he encouraged to move on earlier in the episode. She didn’t want to leave a place she had warm memories of thanks to the man that she loved.

Casey’s efforts

After meeting his old friend Jason Kannell last week, Casey found himself this time in a position where he had to try and convince him to come back to work and do what he does best. Unfortunately, Kannell was suffering from a very different sort of guilt after what happened at the scene. Eventually, he was able to get the guy back out from outside of his house, and in turn, invited him to join Firehouse 51. He could make this a new home, and offer him a chance to move past some of the rising darkness inside.

Is Brett the perfect roommate?

We’re starting to think so, judging from how far she was willing to go in order to bend over backwards for Cruz and Otis. She wanted to snag the third bedroom in their new apartment, and with that, she did everything that she could to win them over. Specifically, we saw her go so far as to get the two guys parking permits, and after they agreed to live with her, she organized everything as neatly as possible.

Unfortunately, it was Cruz who had a hard time adjusting to her being there, and freaked out over the slightest bit of change. Yet, eventually he did come to his senses in the midst of something terrible that happened: A bar incident where he used too much force as a bouncer to remove someone who was drinking heavily. This guy had to go to a hospital, and now Cruz could be facing further ramifications as a result of what he did.


This was a watershed Chicago Fire episode, but also a beautiful one since we saw one last wonderful performance from Charlotte Sullivan as Anna. Now, we have to see where Severide’s story will go next. Grade: A-.

Where will the show go from here?

If you head over to the link here, you can see a preview now for the next new Chicago Fire episode. Let’s just say that we don’t see Kelly recovering anytime soon.

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