Bull episode 20 review: Enter the world of hypnosis

Bull episode 20 reviewDid someone try to hypnotize a man to kill? This was the question at the heart of Bull episode 20, another challenging case for the good doctor.

The client – Enter Troy Dickerson, a young man who believes that he was hypnotized in order to try and kill by a cult-like learning center with unusual teachings. The defense here for Dr. Bull was complicated, given that he had to convince the jury to accept an insanity plea and that Troy was not under control. This meant trying to find the right expert, and build a case around something that many people, to be frank, just don’t believe in. Hypnosis is a tricky thing., given that there are some clinical merits to it; yet, there is often debate as to just how far it can go.

Over the course of the episode, though, what we learned is that in the world of the show, they could actually go rather far. Apparently, there was a trigger in order to convince him to do the deed, and the smoking gun was seeing the trigger activated while on the stand. This was one of the more twisted cases that we’ve seen on the show, mostly when it became clear that the real killer was a hypnosis trying to use Troy in order to kill her own father.

The plea was in, and then Bull won yet another case … though this one did have some interesting stakes attached to it. For example, Dr. Bull got himself choked out at one point, and beyond that, Chunk went undercover at one point to see just how powerful many of the hypnosis techniques can really be.

One of the other interesting sideplots in the episode was seeing Benny into therapy in order to get him in a much better place than he was. Benny was struggling, and at the end of the episode, it was revealed that he was hiding from Bull about an investigation that a U.S. Attorney was looking into. His past was catching up with him, and he had a hard time accepting that he put an innocent man in prison for nine years.

Overall take

“Make Me” was a very good episode that was more about trust than it was hypnosis. Benny struggled to come to Bull with the truth about what happened, and this led to the two sharing a moment at the end. Add another complicated case to this, and Bull is starting to gear up to the end of the season. At least we have something now with Benny that is going to last from one week to the next. Grade: B+.

Where does Bull go from here?

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