The Flash season 3 episode 20 review: Killer Frost v. Cisco; Savitar’s identity

The Flash season 3 episode 20 reviewIn the opening seconds of The Flash season 3 episode 20, we saw that Barry Allen knew the identity of Savitar once and for all. Over the course of this episode, we went from point A to point B.

Also, we saw basically Killer Frost in her most primal form ever. In the moments that followed her deal with Savitar at the end of this past episode, the character went out on a tear following an order to find and destroy Tracy Brand. The master scientist is responsible for coming up with an invention that will help the team defeat Savitar once and for all.

Unfortunately, here is the problem — when we first met Tracy, she was a bumbling grad student who flunked her dissertation. H.R. tried to woo her, and the rest of Team Flash did everything that they could to convince her she was important her — while not scaring her in the process. Unfortunately, they did end up scaring her still. H.R. had to bring her back, and we loved this given that we haven’t quite seen Tom Cavanagh have a love interest over the course of three seasons — at least one who was alive.

Unfortunately, getting Tracy to work with the team was only half the battle.

Joe West’s dilemma

Maybe there are some people out there who didn’t love that The Flash devoted some time tonight to Joe and his relationship with Cecile, but we like it. After all, this moment helped to ground the show and give it more dimension. She told him she loved him, and he wasn’t quite ready to hear it. We know that he loves her, but he’s also afraid. This is the one part of his life that is normal, so if he tells her he loves her, he knows that he has to tell her the truth about everything else in his life.

Rather than coming clean to her, though, Joe decided to dump her … and that’s when Joe’s story coalesced with everyone else’s after Killer Frost kidnapped her right outside his home.

The big reveal

When Caitlin started to refer to Savitar as though he knew everything about what was going to happen, the pieces started to come together. Meanwhile, Cisco had to stop Killer Frost in order to save the team in a pretty epic battle. He stopped her, and before Savitar took her away, Julian managed to draw her blood in order to look for a cure.

In terms of Joe’s personal life, Joe admitted everything to Cecile and that he loved her, which means that the two can move forward and have a happy relationship. That’s a good thing since there was chaos pretty much everywhere else.

As we discuss further over at the link here, we learned in the closing minutes that Future Barry is Savitar. Things just got REAL.

Overall Take

First of all, kudos to the special-effects team on the show for crafting some really awesome sequences featuring Killer Frost at the center of them. Also, the H.R. – Tracy romance was somewhat fun. This episode was epic, and it sets the stage for further epicness to come. Grade: A-.

What’s coming on The Flash?

We’ve got a preview over at the link here where you can get a little more in the way of news as to what’s coming. (Photo: The CW.)

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