The Flash season 3: Who is Savitar? Answer inside…

is SavitarTonight, The Flash season 3 is answering the question at the heart of most of the season: Who is Savitar? The answer is inside…

At the end of this past episode, Killer Frost learned the identity of the Big Bad for the season, which made many people start to feel as though the person could be Ronnie based on the relationship between the two in the past. Whoever it was, let’s just say they were able to convince Killer Frost pretty quickly.

The Flash teased at the start of the episode that Barry knew Savitar’s identity … but they still made you wait for a little while in order to learn the truth. The first big clue we got came courtesy of Killer Frost proclaiming that Savitar knew every move that Barry was going to make. That suggested that either he was a future Barry Allen, or a version of one of the characters on the show. (The “Future Barry” twist is one that’s been bandied about around the internet for a rather long time now.)

Ultimately, Barry learned that Savitar was in fact the future version of himself. It didn’t come about in some sort of crazy, dramatic twist — instead, it came about as a result of him realizing that every bit of evidence that was out there led to him understanding that somehow, the course of his future led to him becoming eventually the wannabe God of Speed.

As far as reveals go … it’s a little bit predictable. Yet, at the same time it’s pretty fun to see Barry be a future version of himself. Grant Gustin in particular had to love it, since this affords him an opportunity to play a very different version of himself. This is someone who clearly became this way as a result of losing everything over the course of his life — all that mattered was speed and power, and this is what makes this final battle all the more epic. How can Barry defeat himself? It’s the biggest challenge and the greatest mystery that he’s taken on, and this is going to be REALLY fun over the final few episodes of this season.

What do you think about the big Savitar reveal? Was it satisfying at the moment? Share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you want some other news, including a review for Tuesday night’s new episode. We’ll be back with further analysis over the course of the next several days.(Photo: The CW.)

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