Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Demetres’ car ride; campaigning

Demetres' car rideIt really shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone, but the past few days in the Big Brother Canada house have been busy. Demetres’ car ride this morning, a result of his Power of Veto Competition earlier this morning, seemed almost like an afterthought.

Yet, Demetres taking this ride did seem to change his perception of a few things. Apparently, he got some input on the game from Sindy, and this may have changed the way he viewed a few things in the house. Specifically, Sindy may have told him a little bit when it comes to the relationship between Ika and Dre — Dre is the person who stood to lose the most from this twist, given that presumably Sindy and Bruno have talked, and Bruno in turn relayed that goodbye message. Consider this another reason why it’s stupid to leave a very cocky goodbye message to someone in game rampant with twists. Demetres and Ika have been awkward ever since he came back, so he may be struggling to figure out the right way to tell her, especially since it may not be the easiest thing in the world for her to believe.

Over the past couple of days Ika has been campaigning HARD in the house to stay, and there are thoughts renewed about Kevin working with her and Demetres and working to get out the middle of the game. Unfortunately, Kevin can’t vote. Dre may give Ika a vote because of their relationship so far this season, and there’s always a chance that someone like William could jump over, as well. Jackie does have some strength in the game give that she’s studied hard for future mental competitions, and Ika / Demetres are huge shields to hide behind. There is momentum behind a push to save them, but it’s hard to get altogether behind it right now given that we are still so early in the week. That in turn means that there’s plenty of time for things to turn around.

One way or another, it’s clear that this is the biggest week of the game so far. Whatever happens here will dramatically alter the triple eviction, which will in turn alter the remainder of the game.

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