Blue Bloods season 7 finale promo: Danny’s home catches fire!

Blue Bloods season 7If you’re looking for a Blue Bloods season 7 finale promo, look no further! With that said, this one may have you a little nervous.

In the video courtesy of CBS, you can take a look at what is going to be an incredibly intense episode of the series, one that will be incredibly memorable … but not often in the way that you want. One of the main criticisms that we often see out there for new Blue Bloods episodes that you always see is that many of the episodes tend to blend together. We don’t get the sense that this is the case here.

So how does Danny Reagan’s home catch fire, as seen in the closing minutes of the preview? It seems to relate to his actions trying to stop a cartel. He makes his big play, and the cartel then retaliates by trying to destroy something close to him. This exemplifies one of the biggest dangers that comes with working in law enforcement — you are making yourself a target of some very dangerous people, especially when you are a detective out there in the front lines. you are a specific name that people can hate.

This is easily some of the most adversity that we’ve seen Danny under, but the Reagans are a tight-knit family. It seems like everyone is going to be okay, and with that, they should be able to recover.

As for Frank…

You get a small clip of his meeting with Mayor Poole (the returning David Ramsey), and we figure that tensions between the two are going to continue to come to a boil. There have been a myriad of issues with the two parties for some time. Tom Selleck’s character recently claimed that there was corruption within the Mayor’s office, while the office recently lambasted the NYPD for their stance in a complicated case revolving around Sanctuary Cities. Given that Poole is set to contemplate retirement (hey, being the Mayor is not a job many people out there would want), it doesn’t surprise us in the slightest that this is something that he decides to do in the end.

Ultimately, just get ready for an electrifying end to the season, and hopefully a story that also does an incredible job setting the stage for an excellent season 8 to go along with it.

(Photo: CBS.)

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