Lucifer season 2 ratings return down; Quantico rises, Taken finale even

Lucifer season 2 ratingsDid the Lucifer season 2 ratings feel the pain of a long hiatus? The clear answer to that is yes, but it ultimately could have been much worse.

Last night’s new episode, the first in the past few months, ended up generating in total a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That improves the average posted by APB during this timeslot, but it does mark a drop in more than 15% from when the show was on the air back in the winter. It also retained 100% of the lead-in from Gotham, which threw the same rating out there. We’ll see how things improve / if they improve the next few weeks, since it’s possible casual viewers were not aware that the show was even back on the air.

The positive news here is that it’s already confirmed that Lucifer is coming back for a third season, so you can watch and enjoy knowing already that the show is going to be coming back for more. Heck, it could even be an extended season given that some of the episodes from this season are being held over until the fall / spring.

As for some other ratings news from last night…

Quantico improves

The good news is that last night’s new episode drew a 0.6 rating. The bad news is that it is still a 0.6 rating, which is pretty terrible for ABC. The big potential saving grace this show has is that it’s popular all over the world, and some of that may compensate for the poor ratings stateside. If the show does return, we wonder if the network could potentially bury it in a worse timeslot, just because it’ll be clearly being brought back because people love it in other countries.

How did the Taken finale do?

The good news is that the show retained all of last week’s 0.8 rating as it goes off the air. The bad news is that it was retaining half of the lead-in from The Voice, and because of its scheduling, you have no way of knowing how it would have fared in the event that the singing show was not on the air. At least with Timeless, you do have that indication, though its ratings were not exactly great, either.

At least the news about many of these shows will start to come out over the next couple of weeks — thank the upfronts for that. With the threat of a writers’ strike now gone, we can also focus on more of the good stuff that matters the most.

What did you watch last night? Share in the comments below. (Photo: Fox.)

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