Scorpion season 3 episode 24 spoilers: Toby, Happy’s honeymoon disaster

Scorpion season 3 episode 24Moving into Scorpion season 3 episode 24, the good news is that we’re going to see Toby and Happy as a married couple! The bad news, however, is that they are going to experience some hard times probably a little bit earlier than they would have expected.

Next week’s “Maroon 8” is the first episode in what will be a two-part finale event, one that will feature the team having to rough it in order to survive while out stranded on a deserted island. How they find rescue will be one major test for them; the other may be them not killing each other given that emotions are going to be so much higher than we’ve seen them to date.

Scorpion season 3 episode 24 synopsis – “While en route to Toby and Happy’s honeymoon, Team Scorpion’s plane crash lands on a remote deserted island, leaving them all with little hope for rescue.”

The finale airing after this will be titled “Scorp Family Robinson,” and through that maybe you’ll have a chance to see precisely what the future holds for some of these characters. The team will be doing what they can to survive, and whatever happens here will set the stage for what should be a pretty exciting fourth season of the show. Two things to know here — we are getting a fourth season for sure (it’s already been renewed), and there doesn’t appear to be any plan to deliver any sort of epic cliffhanger. The idea here seems to be to allow the last two episodes of this season to speak mostly for themselves when it comes to delivering great entertainment.

Is there anything that you’re hoping to see on Scorpion season 3 episode 24? Be sure to sound off with some of your thoughts in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here to get some further news when it comes to Scorpion; we’ll have our full review of tonight’s wedding episode online after it wraps on the East Coast. (Photo: CBS.)

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