Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 19 review: Betrayal; Black Fairy’s past

Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 19 reviewEarlier this season on Once Upon a Time, we were introduced to the news that there were many more Saviors in this world beyond Emma Swan. Yet, what we did now know was that one of them lived within the very midst of the show’s main cast.

In the midst of tonight’s “The Black Fairy,” one of the biggest surprises came courtesy of Rumpelstiltskin, as we learned that this entire time, he was born a Savior. He had this capacity for great good, and simply had went in another direction. If this wasn’t an example of some of the series’ capacity for great poetry, we’re not sure what is.

It turned out that there was this destiny for the Black Fairy and the Savior to battle, and with that in mind, we learned that this was not quite Emma’s battle. This whole time, it was up to Rumple to stop her. The reason why Fiona (that’s her real name) abandoned her was simply because she chose her own power over his own. In some ways, the two were very much alike. Both were greedy cowards in so many ways, who chose to rely on their own thirst for power so that they didn’t have to face any sort of pain or reality. Fiona didn’t have to let her son go. Instead, she chose to. She wanted to keep her own powers. This is why the fairies banished her, and she was forced to live her own life separate from so much of the world that she loved.

After going through so many painful revelations, Rumple did prove himself to be the Savior, banishing the Black Fairy and seemingly allowing everyone to to move forward and have some sort of normalcy. Gideon got to wake up and feel somewhat like a normal child for once. Even Belle and Rumple seemed happier with each other.

Also, Captain Hook asked Henry to be the Best Man. Insert “aw” effects here.

Here’s your cliffhanger…

Given that everything Sunday night seemed to end in a fairly-peaceful manner, we had a feeling that things were going to turn south by the time of the closing minutes. We saw that when it was clear that Rumple hadn’t actually banished the Black Fairy at all. She was still there, and he opted to help his mother in orchestrating the final battle. Somewhat predictable, but DEFINITELY chilling.

Overall Take

“The Black Fairy” was, as a whole, a good episode of Once Upon a Time mostly because it developed our central villain out more than she was beforehand. We’re now far more invested in the story of the Black Fairy than we were before, and we do think that the stakes are higher than ever for the Final Battle. Grade: B+.

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Meanwhile, be sure to head over to this link if you are interested in reading a preview for what’s coming up on a big musical episode. (Photo: ABC.)

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