Absentia discussion: The latest photo teasers

Absentia discussionReady for some more Absentia discussion? Given that we’re not going to have the Stana Katic series on the air for a while, why not dive in?

Over the past couple of days, the show’s official Twitter account has shared a couple new teasers — the social team at Sony’s doing a good job with this! While we are still waiting for an official trailer / premiere date / other good stuff, they’re making certain that there is still an appetite out there for little morsels here and there when it comes to the show.

(Of course, this is just our own speculation — if you agree, disagree, or have something to add, let us know in the attached comments!)

Into the woods – One of the great things about this photo first and foremost is the visual nature of it. Stunning. If this is the sort of scenery that we’re going to see throughout Absentia, we’re here for it — this is one of the merits of doing a more serialized show, given that there are less weekly sets in favor of more location work.

One other important clue in here is that clearly, Katic’s character is going to be blamed for something in the past. Remember here that leading up to the start of the series, she was missing for several years after seemingly tracking a serial killer in Boston. Is it going to be difficult to clear your name when you have such few memories of your relative past?

The search continues… – Meanwhile, this one reminds you that the aforementioned serial killer is still somewhere out there, and the search for Katic’s character to try to find them and take them down a notch will continue.

With that said, what is the setting here? It looks like it’s underneath an overpass of some sort, whether it be a car or a train. The fire in the barrels suggests that there are homeless characters involved who are trying their best to stay warm in the midst of the cold. The lamp and the clutter here could be an indication that whoever the people are who are meant to dwell here, they are not entirely nomadic and consider this to be a sort of home base.

Maybe we’re completely wrong on this, but isn’t that a big part of the fun?

If you do want to secure some additional news when it comes to Absentia, be sure to head over to the link here right now. (Photo: Sony.)

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