Rosewood season 3 poll: Should Fox renew Morris Chestnut series?

Rosewood season 3 pollShould a Rosewood season 3 happen following tonight’s finale? In terms of appetite, we do think that the answer to that is probably clear. This is a show with a devoted following out there, and they’ve been through a lot already. They’ve endured changes in timeslot, different stories, and also a lack of promotion this year in comparison to a little more of a high-profile start.

Now, as for Fox’s stance on things, it may be a little more negative. The ratings for this season remain down big from season 2, and no amount of story quality and fan support can change the facts. In moving the show away from Empire, Fox caused it to a lose a chunk of its audience there, and since the network has some issues on another nights of the week, it never recovered anywhere near as much as we wanted it to, unfortunately.

Ultimately, the ball is now in Fox’s court to determine what they want to do with the show moving forward. There are probably more variables that they will consider here than it appears on the surface. After all, you’re going to see Fox consider such things as DVR ratings, streaming data, and whatever story that is being planned behind the scenes. There are also certain types of viewers that Fox may covet, and if this show fares well with them, that could help to determine its future further.

For the sake of this article, what we’ve got for you below is a poll that is all about just gauging interest. While it’s often hard to determine whether or not a network like Fox looks at such things, it’s our experience that it never hurts to make it clear that there are viewers out there interested in seeing more of a given show. One of the biggest things that Rosewood does have going for it is the mere fact that Fox has not been altogether successful with some of its other programming elsewhere. They have to retain some of their shows! We should get a chance to see what happens at around the time of upfronts in May.

Now, we leave this up to you: Let us know in the poll below as to whether or not you want to see a Rosewood season 3! (If you are on mobile and cannot view the poll, be sure to click to view the non-AMP version at the bottom.)

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here to get some further news when it comes to the show. (Photo: Fox.)

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