The Toy Box: ParaShoot, Grandmas2Share, and Chromo Tag face off

ParaShootTonight’s new episode of The Toy Box continued to show some creativity of toy-makers all across America, but it also got us thinking: What will this show be like after everyone starts to realize that it exists? With it a part of the universe, we do think that a season 2 could be excited if ABC does decide to renew it. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on if it comes back.

All we can say is that Chromo Tag, The Walking Dinosaur, Cardtivity, ParaShoot, and Grandmas2Share are the products tonight. We’re going to focus here on the products that made it to the Toy Box proper, but we will give a shot-out to The Walking Dinosaur. This looked incredibly cool, but it really wasn’t a mass-market toy so much as just was some dude with a cool product that he made.

Now, let’s move on.

Grandmas2Share – We were honestly surprised that this made it this far, given that we’re talking about dolls that look like grandmas. It a cute idea for kids to get in touch with their heritage. However, that’s about it and there aren’t too many grandmas just yet. The kids found that they were pretty creepy as a whole.

ParaShoot – It’s a slingshot that basically has a parachute attached to it, which is great in that there are some different applications for it.On the flip side, there are some other issues here, included that they don’t actually fire all that well.

Chromo Tag – Think of this as a fun, low-rent version of laser tag. It needs a lot of polish, but the premise here is pretty strong. This looks like a lot of fun! The only real issue that the kids had was that it doesn’t come with the water guns.

Final decision – To us, it felt fairly clear that the kids were going to side here with Chromo Tag just because they seemed to have the most fun with it. In second place, we’d say it was ParaShoot. Were we right? Absolutely! These two guys are going to move forward to the final round, where they will have a shot at getting Mattel to make their product for the mass market.

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Meanwhile, you can head over to the link here to get some further news when it comes to the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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