Entrepreneur’s journey: Shark Tank success stories are proof of American Dream

Shark Tank success storiesThe Shark Tank success stories are one of the biggest reasons business folks love this popular ABC show. The entrepreneur’s journey on each show segment has impressed the business community. Is the American Dream is alive and well? If you are watching Shark Tank, you know there is no doubt!

The traditional success story is when an investor takes on a new product or idea in front of the cameras. You see an extraordinary pitch, and all of a sudden it’s easy to understand why someone would want to advance. The entrepreneur’s journey begins for a lucky soul who has placed all their blood, sweat and tears into an idea, hoping it is the next big thing.

As viewers have seen on the show, sometimes the success stories are far beyond the scope of the pitch. Business people have come on the show sharing their stories after an investment with sales numbers in the millions (and they have only gotten started). Quitting their jobs and working full time, the viewers once again see how the American Dream can grow into a prosperous opportunity.

Shark Tank success stories aren’t always the typical success story where the entrepreneur shows up to make it big and gets the investor. There are quite a few of the investors who didn’t make the cut for cash, but still did extremely well. Getting new orders and finding investors outside of the ABC show, the reality is that the entrepreneurial journey for each segment offers up different results. The endgame is the same: pursuing the American Dream.

Tenacity is required for every entrepreneur’s journey

If the American dream was an easy mark, there would be millions of people who would have already done it. Tenacity is required for every entrepreneur’s journey. That persistence is how people can reflect on true success stories. It’s how they thrive until they reach the top.

Entrepreneur tip: Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the investment you were looking for. Instead, keep your eye on the prize and continue to look for what helps make your success stories.

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