Dear White People season 2 renewal: Could it happen at Netflix?

Dear White People season 2Following some immediate success on Netflix, is a Dear White People season 2 possible? For the sake of this article, this is absolutely a worthy topic of discussion.

The biggest bit of evidence that this particular product could be continuing is fairly simple: Buzz. There are plenty of people out there who seem interested already in a renewal for more episodes — it’s trending worldwide at the time of writing this article, which is only going to continue to build buzz for the show. We actually think that there’s a much more universal audience for this show than those easily-offended by the title or the idea of content would understand; if they checked it out, there’s a pretty good chance they’d enjoy it.

Like many other Netflix projects, though, we do think long-term retention is something that they look for. They want to see if there are people who are discussing it in the weeks and months following the show premiering, and if that happens, they could consider a renewal. A good example of that right now is where things stand in terms of 13 Reasons Why, a show that appears as though it’s going to be a lock for a season 2 renewal based mostly on where things stand right now. That show’s become a cultural phenomenon; we’re not sure that Dear White People is at that threshold just yet, but we don’t think it’s impossible to imagine that it could be there sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, the truth here is that there’s no real way to know for sure where Dear White People stands in comparison to the majority of the other shows out there. Netflix doesn’t like to release information about some of its ratings / views for its shows, so instead they’ll probably decide on the show’s future based on how much of an impact that this show will have on its subscriber base. If this either helps them to retain their current demographic or brings in new people, it’s worth keeping around. This could increase even more exponentially based on whatever sort of acclaim or awards buzz it gets throughout the year.

Once there is a little bit more news on this subject, you better believe that we’ll be bringing some of that your way.

Do you want to see a Dear White People season 2, and if so, when should the show premiere? Share with some of your thoughts now in the comments!

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