Ratings: The Blacklist fights to keep season 5 renewal hopes alive

The Blacklist logo any seasonHow is The Blacklist continuing to fare in its battle to be renewed for a season 5? This is of course the focus of our ratings report today.

The good news is that the NBC show did win the timeslot last night with a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Granted, that’s not such a big accomplishment when the other shows on the night aren’t faring all that much better. You had The Amazing Race generating just a 0.7 rating, while at the same time The Catch ended up pulling a 0.7 rating.

One thing we do want to say on The Amazing Race before we move forward is that we’re not as confident about its renewal hopes now as we were a week ago. This is the sort of number where CBS could consider the show to be sadly expendable.

As for the future of The Blacklist, we don’t think that its rating is impressive since this is what The Blacklist: Redemption was drawing during some of its season, and its renewal chances are far more dicey than The Blacklist proper. With that said, we’re still optimistic just because we don’t see NBC wanting to have the high-profile issue of canceling one of their biggest franchises. This is one that is popular all over the globe, and it has a marquee star in James Spader. It also performs far better in the DVR figures than Redemption did, and we just can’t imagine them wanting to get rid of it this season. Sure, there are some issues that could make the renewal process tricky, with one of the biggest ones being that NBC does not fully own the show like it does with some of the other stuff that is airing on the schedule.

Overall, The Blacklist will keep marching on, and we’ll keep monitoring it closely to see how it fares. For now, we want to be optimistic in thinking that the show has a reasonably good shot of being renewed — but we’re also saying this while being realistic at the same time. This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky whim that won’t probably become reality.

How are you thinking about The Blacklist and its potential season 5 renewal odds right now? Sound off with some of your thoughts in the comments!

(Photo: NBC.)

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