Is Shark Tank new tonight? A look ahead for ABC series

Is Shark Tank new tonightIs Shark Tank new tonight? We figure that there may be some people out there pondering this question when they turn on ABC.

Unfortunately, when they do switch on the network, they are more than likely going to be due a major disappointment when they learn in a matter of minutes that the show’s not coming on the air. Instead, there is a special entitled Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992, which is basically as far from Shark Tank as you’re going to get tonally without going into complete and total screwball territory. Maybe it will be compelling for some people out there, but it’s not going to be the same as checking out the business-themed reality series.

Just because we don’t want you to be leaving this article feeling completely empty-handed, we do want to go ahead and give you a taste of some of the companies that you will be seeing on the show when it returns to ABC next week. This includes an update segment on LovePop, a greeting-card company that felt ripe for a big deal the moment that they first appeared on the show:

“Two entrepreneurs from Placentia, California, pitch their solution to embarrassing underarm sweat marks and stains; brothers and best friends from Walnut Creek, California, believe their belt buckle that doubles as a wallet is the most convenient way to carry your essentials; U.S. Army veterans from Chicago, Illinois, hope to empower farmers in a war-torn country by helping them cultivate and harvest saffron; and a former executive chef from Colorado Springs, Colorado, with an unlikely story, thinks his multi-purpose mixing bowl will become the next go-to kitchen gadget. Also, a follow-up with Robin “Wombi” Rose and John Wise from Cambridge, Massachusetts, and their 3D paper pop-up greeting cards, LovePop, that Kevin O’Leary invested in during season seven.”

The season finale is going to air a week following this one, and in general, we’ve got a slightly-shorter season this time around. It’s hard to know the precise reason for that, but we are curious if the decision by Kevin O’Leary to drop out of the race to lead Canada’s Conservative Party signals that he will continue to be a part of this show moving forward.

For some other news on Shark Tank while you do wait for the next new episode to air, just be sure to head over to the link here right now. (Photo: ABC.)

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