The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 22 review: Zach’s offer to Penny

The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 22 reviewIn this The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 22 review, we start by celebrating the fact that Zack is now back in the show. Also, he’s involved in the Penny storyline in a way that we never quite expected: A potential boss.

Zack ran into Penny while out at a bar, and after inviting her to dinner later, he laid it out that he had a new potential job for her that combines some of what she’s good at — events and the restaurant / event sphere. Zack’s not a terrible guy, so it’s not as though she’s getting back with someone with a history of abusing her or being terrible. Zack even likes Leonard and the rest of the guys!

The issue here is rather predictable — Leonard got a little jealous over it. We do think that he trusts Penny, but he just doesn’t love the idea of someone she was previously with controlling her and telling her what to do. In a way, some of his masculinity was taken from him … and as the joke went on the show, he didn’t have much to begin with. Seeing the feedback from some of the friends was interesting, mostly because they all had different perspectives.

In the end, it turns out that Zack’s job wasn’t even available when Penny decided that she wanted to take it in the first place. Zack’s fiancee wasn’t okay with it, and he had to retract the offer. We do hope the show finds a way to continue this later, mostly because the time feels right for the story with Penny to move forward and go in some new, exciting directions.

Sheldon tries to take on a skill

This episode was mostly just entertaining because of all of the little visual gags with Sheldon, including him trying to ride a unicycle after he borrowed a lot of Howard’s carnival stuff.

Our favorite part of all this? Bernadette apparently has a secret talent in ventriloquism, and she spent so much time mocking Howard for his juggling. It turns out that the two had much more in common than Bernie was willing to admit. (It turns out Melissa Rauch is really good at it! Maybe this is a skill that she had coming into the show.)

As for Sheldon, what we’ve learned about his is technically what we knew already — when the going gets tough, he sometimes gets going.


This episode was fairly funny, and we do love opportunities to get recurring characters like Zack. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing him again on the show anytime soon. We do love the fact that this episode had two clear stories that we’ll remember, in between this one and Bernadette’s hidden talent. Sheldon’s part in the episode was minimized, but we were fine with that since he dominates so much of the story more often than not. Grade: B+.

Where does The Big Bang Theory go from here?

We’ve got some further news on the next new episode over at the link here! This one should be interesting

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