Gotham season 3 spoilers: When will Mr. Freeze, Firefly return?

Mr. FreezeOne of the benefits of Gotham spending so much time creating and cultivating different villains is rather simple: It gives you chance to bring them back! Mr. Freeze and Firefly are going to be coming back to Gotham season 3 in a number of episodes, and we’ve got some more details about what you can expect to see over the course of them now.

According to Fox, you can specifically see Camila Perez and Nathan Darrow back as these two villains for the upcoming May 8 episode of the show entitled “The Primal Riddle.” Based on some of the first information that we have, Firefly and Mr. Freeze will be specifically working together in the hopes of upending Gotham and getting control. Meanwhile, you will be seeing The Riddler do the same thing — it’s still not clear if he will be working with the others, but one way or another, all signs point to him reaping some of the benefits.

As for what is going to be happening elsewhere, be prepared for some potentially harmful bonding between Bruce 2 and Selina Kyle, which could cause some problems for Bruce 1. Meanwhile, Alfred is going to start to see a further evolution in Bruce as he gets a little more physical and in danger. (If you missed it, we recently had a wonderful interview with Sean Pertwee about all things Alfred and his relationship with Bruce.)

Finally, here’s a little bit of Jim Gordon scoop for the hour — no matter how hard he works to escape it, all roads keep leading back to the Court of Owls. It feels pretty assured at this point that this mystery organization is going to have a key role to play in the ending for this season, so just go ahead and be prepared for that. (Also remember that Ra’s al Ghul is coming, and we know already that there are few within the world of the show that are as dangerous as him.)

Do we hope that more recurring villains turn up by the end of the season? Absolutely. Specifically, we’re talking here about the likes of Hugo Strange or Fish Mooney, who we figure will be turning up before the end of the season (or at least we hope).

Who do you want to see on Gotham season 3 before we get to the end of the finale? Share some of your thoughts in the comments now! (Photo: Fox.)

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