Chicago Fire season 5 spoilers: Will Dawson and Casey consider a baby?

Dawson and CaseyWhat happened with Dawson and Casey on Chicago Fire season 5 was certainly heartbreaking when it comes to Louie. They loved the child, so obviously they would’ve loved to keep him in their family. They think that they did make the decision that was right for him, but they do still likely have a hole in their hearts that they are trying to find a way to fill.

Are they going to do that courtesy of another child down the road? It’s possible, but it doesn’t seem as though it’s happening this season. Speaking to TVLine, show executive producer Derek Haas made it very clear that there is a chance to revisit this down the road:

“That’s going to continue into next season. But for now that storyline has kind of been … dropped isn’t the right word, because it’s always there. But we’re not going to go there as far as, like, [making it a] cliffhanger.”

At the moment, it does make a little bit of sense for the show to put this on the back burner more or less for now, given that both Dawson and Casey have some other stories to focus on. When it comes to Casey, for example, he’s going to be dealing with some difficulties regarding his old friend Kannell. Meanwhile, Dawson just had to deal with some major annoyances thanks to her and Brett having to do some remedial training. Elsewhere, we know that there is a big Cruz story on tap, and we’ve also got coming up an opportunity to learn if Anna is going to be able to push past her latest battle with cancer. We’re certainly worried about her, even if Kelly is going to do everything that he can in order to give her a little bit of hope.

Ultimately, we do hope that Casey and Dawson have an opportunity to welcome someone new into their world, even if we are well aware that there could be time to have it happen. Remember that these two characters are still a strong couple, and there are no plans for this show to end anytime soon. It’s still fairly dominant when it comes to the ratings.

What do you want to see when it comes to Casey and Dawson on Chicago Fire moving forward? Share in the comments below!

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