Survivor: Game Changers episode 11: Are some more flips ahead?

Survivor: Game Changers episode 11Moving into Survivor: Game Changers episode 11, we clearly saw the entire structure of the game flipped on its head once more. Where do we go next?

For now, we know that Sarah has flipped over to the side with Andrea and Cirie, and Debbie now finds herself sitting on the jury as a result of being a little bit too arrogant. This meant that, in theory, there is a new dominant alliance … but that may not be actually the case.

Based on the preview that we saw at the end of tonight’s episode, it looks as though Sierra could consider working with some people from the new dominant alliance. If she’s game to do almost anything, then she can help to find a new alliance and shake the game up again.

Meanwhile, Zeke is also now looking at working with Brad and some other guys to figure out how to improve his own game. If anyone at the moment is thrilled about the current direction of the game, it’s him given that this is the sort of game that he really wanted to play this whole time.

While we’re still not sure that this was still the best movie for Sarah tonight in terms of her making it far into the game, it could give her a notch in her resume. Beyond that, we should be grateful to her for finding a way to make the next few weeks interesting. If that alliance stayed together, it’d be very boring given that they also had three idols, Sierra had the legacy advantage, and Sarah had a new alliance of her own. That was probably the most one-sided, power-loaded alliance in the history of the show.

Rest assured, the next few episodes leading up to the finale are going to be all sorts of intense. That’s the Survivor we want, so fingers crossed for some more blindsides.

Who do you think benefits the most from Debbie being voted out, and what do you want to see on Survivor: Game Changers coming up next? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here to read our full review for everything that happened on tonight’s episode. (Photo: The CW.)

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