Survivor: Game Changers episode 10 review: Cirie’s moment; Sarah’s decision

Survivor: Game Changers episode 10 reviewAt the start of Survivor: Game Changers episode 10, we saw that tensions between Andrea and Zeke were far from great. This is what happens when you have two people effectively severing their bonds. These two were very unhappy with what just happened, but as we learned a little bit later in this episode, these two could need each other in order to figure out how to stay alive.

We do want to spend a moment or two now to focus on the reward challenge that we saw, which produced a really amazing, heartfelt moment for Cirie Fields. She struggled to finish the challenge, but even after her team lost, she finished with the help of her fellow tribe members. This was a wonderful reminder of why we love Cirie so much as a person, and also probably what’s going to make it very hard for her to win this game given that she is the sort of person who is going to be a huge target near the end because she’s just so likable.

Both before and after the reward challenge, there was a clear line in the sand (or concrete, to use Debbie’s term). You had dominating the game right now the likes of Brad, Sierra, Troyzan, Debbie, Tai, and Sarah, while everyone else was at the bottom. Zeke was in a weird spot given that he didn’t really have an alliance, and the likes of Sierra and Debbie felt safe … perhaps too much so. They didn’t realize that someone could think they were on the bottom and needed to make a move to build their resume for the end. That person was Sarah. Cirie convinced Sarah to flip over and try to make a big move. Andrea and Zeke may hate each other at this moment, but they need to work together in order to get the numbers on their side.

Quick sidebar – Sarah got a vote-steal advantage at the reward challenge, and that gives her a huge chance to play the game. It’s even more insurance to get out the player that she wants to get out.

After Troyzan won immunity, the big mistake that Sierra’s crew seemed to be was coming up with the decision to get rid of Andrea without consulting Sarah first. However, Sierra then corrected that mistake by trying to assure Sarah that she is in her final three. That was one of the smarter things she made. A dust-up between Aubry and Debbie, mostly in the form of Debbie getting cocky, may have fueled the minority further to get rid of her.

At Tribal Council

Sarah claimed that she would make her decision at Tribal Council — if she was to believe what Sierra said, there is actually a legitimate reason to want to stick with that group. Yet, there’s a difference between getting to the end and having a chance to win. If she sticks with Sierra, she probably doesn’t have a good chance to win.

Ultimately, we do think that Debbie was the real cog that stirred things up. Had she not been so arrogant about her alliance and where they stood, maybe Sarah wouldn’t have felt so much pressure. Now, she feels a little bit more like a hero, and the game starts to flip on its head. Kudos to Sarah for playing to win, even if her odds of final three may have been better the other way.


This episode was very entertaining, and a study of both characters and gameplay. Is making a big move always right? That is a question that these players will be answering for some time to come depending on his this season pans out.

While not a classic episode, this was certainly an entertaining hour of TV with a very good blindside at the very end of it. Grade: B+.

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