Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 21 sneak peek: Meredith, Riggs’ press conference

Grey's Anatomy season 13 episode 21 sneak peekIn the Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 21 sneak peek below, one of the things that you’re going to have a chance to see is a press conference. Specifically, this is one that will pick up in part where this past episode left off for Meredith and Riggs.

If you recall, this past episode featured Ellen Pompeo and Martin Henderson’s characters stuck aboard a plane, where they had to figure out a way to save lives under the most perilous of circumstances. It just so turns out that they were successful in such a quest, though it turned out that this was not exactly easy in the slightest. Luckily, both characters are experienced with hard times — both inside the hospital and outside of it — and that proved to be really invaluable throughout the episode.

Now, they’re dealing with the aftermath of that. Apparently, this rescue made news all over the country, and they have to answer questions about how they were able to handle their circumstances. Riggs does the bulk of the talking in the sneak peek, and handles it like a pro. He appreciates all of the praise, but defers mostly to Meredith as the person responsible for actually doing the life-saving surgery necessary so many feet up in the air.

The two parties seem to be doing really great in this conference, but there’s one moment where you can start to see the world tilt on its axis. Riggs puts his hand on Meredith’s shoulder, and that is all the evidence Maggie needs to know that something is going on between the two. Meredith’s kept this a secret from her sister the entirety of the season, and Riggs hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about it either. This could lead to some hurt feelings, and a huge blow to Maggie, who is already dealing some significant heartbreak given the fact that her mother just passed away, and she is still trying to nurse some of those wounds. She anticipated that Meredith would be her rock, not someone to keep things from her. Even if something had just happened aboard the plane between the two, it’s not like he had zero opportunity to talk with her about it before this press conference.

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