Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Could Kevin and Karen … work together?

Kevin and KarenThrough most of Big Brother Canada 5, Kevin and Karen have been adversaries of the worst kind … but could that change moving forward?

As we get closer to Thursday’s eviction show, it’s starting to become clear to Kevin and Bruno, at least, that it benefits the former to try to work with Karen if at all possible. While we don’t think Bruno is giving up, he is acutely aware that he is probably leaving this week and nobody wants to admit to it out loud. With that, he is doing his best to try to hand Kevin all of the information that he knows in order to equip him to go far in the game.

From his vantage point, Karen and Dillon are two of Kevin’s better potential allies since they hold information well, and they both could want to go after Ika and Demetres. There is a sense of major distrust that is there with Dre and with Jackie, and Kevin realizes that if he remains close to William, the two will be seen as a pair and that doesn’t benefit him all that much in the game. (Still, from our viewpoint Kevin needs to tread extremely lightly there, since he doesn’t want to do anything that could push William away or after him after William stuck his neck out on the line in order to try to save Kevin with the Secret Veto earlier in the week.)

The big problem here for Kevin is that the odds of Karen wanting to work with him are low … really low. She seems like the sort of person who makes up her mind and then doesn’t change it, and she won’t get over the fact that she thinks that Kevin is slimy. He’s ribbed him for most of the season with that thought in mind! The best thing that Kevin can probably hope for with Karen is that next week, everyone unifies to try to separate Ika and Demetres, which does look like the plan unless Ika manages to win the next HoH Competition. After one of them is gone, everything will probably disperse all over again.

Our feeling is that Demetres likely goes this coming week unless he wins the Veto, just because he’s an enormous competition threat. Ika is a better strategist, but last season with the brothers / Kelsey was a great reminder that if you’re great at competitions, you don’t have to be an excellent strategic or social player to win. You just have to beat out the threats.

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