Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 12 review: Addison, Alison

Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 12 review

Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 12 was an episode that brought many an interesting thing to the table, but arguably one of the more interesting things was the introduction randomly of Addison, the sort of character you can easily foresee starring on some sort of separate spin-off in the future if the show ever wanted to do that.

Think of Addison this way — she’s like if Alison from the pilot stepped into a time machine that made her all the more terrible and dependent on technology. (Note that we don’t think Ali is a terrible person now, but she had a lot of growing up to do.) Why in the world is this girl so obsessed with Emily and the rest of the Liars? Is she some sort of other Mary Drake secret spawn? There are definitely a lot of questions out there about her, but not too many answers.

In general, we don’t think that this episode was in all that much of an answer-giving mood, choosing instead to complicate everything that was already out on the chessboard. Remember that we spent a little bit of time with Aria getting comforted by Holden after she was confused for Nicole, and we could honestly do without most of the Mona / Hanna stuff.

One of the big issues with Pretty Little Liars is that there is honestly a lot of filler that’s been wedged in here over the years, and this installment was really no exception to the rule. Just consider for a minute how long it took for us to get to some of the goods this time — and even with that, we don’t think the goods where that great beyond the Addison mystery and getting to see Spencer really get close to going at Jenna over her claims that she was somehow the victim in everything that was going on with her.

Don’t get us wrong here — this Pretty Little Liars episode did have its fair share of good moments. It just also spent a lot of time messing around with events that we don’t care all that much about, or ones that are the show spinning its wheels until we get to more of the good stuff down the line. Grade: B-.

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