The Flash season 3: Laying out the Savitar candidates

Savitar candidatesIn the rubble — or the rubble of a costume, at least — on Tuesday night’s new episode of The Flash there was a pretty significant Savitar reveal. Killer Frost now knows who he is, which makes her the first main character with that knowledge.

Yet, it wasn’t the fact that Killer Frost knows that was the big reveal; it was how quickly she decided to turn to join him the moment that he revealed himself. Who possesses that much magnetism that they could convince Caitlin to stop being Caitlin altogether? We do think there are a few different candidates for that.

Ronnie Raymond – You have to start with him given that The CW loves him, Caitlin used to love him, and he’d be a high-profile villain the show could promote. You can even argue that maybe Ronnie became Savitar as a result of the Flashpoint changing things in the overall direction of his story; maybe he survived the singularity when he didn’t previously and this is what allowed him to make it to this point.

Future Barry Allen – This is the prevailing theory for many people out there — maybe it’s Barry even further in the future, or maybe this is a corrupted Barry from the original timeline before Flashpoint entered the fray. Still, why would Killer Frost be inclined to listen to him over anyone else?

Julian Alpert – Killer Frost wanted to be born, and it was Julian who brought her to the full extent of her power. Maybe she realizes and trusts that Julian in turn could help her be rid of Savitar once and for all.

Beyond these three characters, who else could it be? We do also think that even Ronnie is in some ways a stretch, given that we just haven’t seen the character other than one episode all season long. Also, wouldn’t the story be trying harder to remind you that he is still out there? Other characters like H.R. / another Wells, a future Cisco or Wally, or something crazy like Caitlin’s mother just don’t make sense. It has to be someone she trusts explicitly, and we don’t get that from any of these people.

As of right now, who do you think is within that Savitar costume? Be sure to share your thoughts with a comment below!

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