The Blacklist season 4 finale spoilers: The title tells it all

The Blacklist logo any seasonFor this edition of The Blacklist season 4 finale spoilers, we’re keeping it simple and talking about the titles for the final episodes.

NBC confirmed today that there are going to be two more episodes for the James Spader – Megan Boone series airing back to back on Thursday, May 18, and they are entitled “Mr. Kaplan” and then “Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion.”

Sometimes, there is strength in simplicity, and in naming all of their episodes over the course of the series’ run after prominent Blacklisters, the series really put themselves into a position where they could do something like this and give people some legitimate reasons to be hyped up beyond the norm. It’s similar to how the recent spring premiere was entitled “Dembe Zuma,” a story that brought us some answers about what Dembe’s real intentions were in terms of his relationship and back-and-forth with Reddington. If the series continues to deliver more great stories within this vein, we feel like we’re going to be set up very well for some time.

As for what we’re hoping to see in The Blacklist finale, it’s not clear that there is going to be a showdown like no other between Mr. Kaplan and Reddington over everything that has transpired between the two of them so far. It’s hardly a shock that we’ve made it to this breaking point given that the story’s been slowly building towards this outcome for a while. The biggest thing that is now different is that we know how far Mr. Kaplan is willing to go in order to stop and defeat Reddington. She’s a significant threat, largely because she knows (literally) where all of the bodies are buried. That is a pretty terrible, and pretty difficult, thing that Red is going to have to deal with in the immediate future.

Beyond Mr. Kaplan, there are already plenty of rumors out there suggesting Liz finally learning more about her family history in the episode. With the future of The Blacklist no longer set in stone, it does make a little bit of sense that some secrets would start to be revealed.

What do you want to see on these episodes of The Blacklist, and the end of the season to go along with it? Share some of your personal hopes and expectations for the story now in the comments!

Photo: NBC

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