Better Call Saul season 3 episode 3 review: Spring Fring

Better Call Saul season 3Let’s start by getting the following out of the way — we’ve got no idea as to whether or not Better Call Saul season 3 is set in the spring. We just loved titling the episode this way, especially since Mike and Gus Fring are in the midst clearly of what first stage of dating where everything is new and exciting.

After Gus met for the first time and was impressed with some of his methods, the two reached an understatement: They both hate Hector. Therefore, they enacted a plan to completely snow some of his employees (ironic for New Mexico), using a plan, a gun, and some drugs to throw off some drug dogs at a checkpoint. Basically, Mike made matters so much harder for Hector and his men without taking any lives. He’s pleased, as is Gus.

This was, by far, the strongest Mike storyline of the season. We know how well the show plays visually and how excellent of a performer Jonathan Banks is, but this does not change our perception of some of the scenes in the first two as a tad too slow. While we’re well aware that this show does a great job at the slow, plodding sequences, sooner or later it does benefit them to start to move things along at a little more of a rapid pace. Or, if nothing else get to the good part. With Fring in the picture, we’re not there.

The next order of business is simply to get Jimmy McGill back involved. Fingers crossed that this happens over the course of the next episode.

Is Jimmy a free man?

Well, we did learn tonight what Chuck McGill’s endgame really was, and it is the same effectively as it’s always been: To force Jimmy’s hand, and stop him from being a lawyer. he’s never respected him for it and felt constantly like he was illegitimate and not deserving of what was being given to him. This was his way of acting back against that and getting what he wanted — superiority. That is probably why we saw Chuck balking somewhat with the prosecution. He wants Jimmy in trouble, but only as a means to an end. He doesn’t really want him in jail.

The thing that slightly confuses us with Chuck is his thinking that this could actually work, given that if he knows Jimmy, he would certainly know by now that this isn’t the sort of thing that he’s going to fall for. He’s so much more likely at this point to do his own thing, and balk at any solution that involves Chuck winning. Therefore, he’s ready to tear up Chuck’s offer of avoiding charges, provided that he admits to fault with the Bar and gets himself stripped of his identity. he also doesn’t want Kim Wexler directly involved to spare her of any further hassle dealing with him. (In turn, this gives Kim more of a chance to hit the gym in the morning and put in eyedrops — one of the few bits of personal insight that we’ve received from Kim during the series.)

This entire episode was strong from start to finish, and a further testament to what Better Call Saul does so well when it’s firing on all cylinders — it creates strong, dramatic, and compelling television, and it makes you think about what you’ve seen … not that this is news to any diehard fan. Grade: A-.

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