Supernatural season 12 spoilers: How will Misha Collins’ Castiel return?

Misha Collins' CastielIt’s been a while since Misha Collins’ Castiel was last a major part on Suprernatural season 12, but that’s changing on Thursday night. The character is going to be arriving back from Heaven, where he’s been for some time effectively doing some of what he can to help from afar.

In speaking about that further to TVLine, executive producer Andrew Dabb did his part to tease a little more about the story that is coming:

“[Everything] he’s been doing has been for Sam and Dean. When he comes back in, that will be made pretty clear, and then the question is: Where does he go from there? Once he comes back in, he’s going after Kelly. Once he comes into contact with her [and] her kid, a lot of his misconceptions may fall away. A big part of his time in Heaven has been gathering information, but not reorienting his thinking to the point where he’s against Sam and Dean or anything like that. It’s more like having moments of clarity in terms of why he’s doing this and the price he, personally, is willing to pay to keep Sam and Dean alive or to keep them from experiencing pain.”

Clearly, there will be a lot coming for Castiel, and all of this is going to be exciting as we build towards a finale … one of the most ambiguous finales that we’ve seen in a long time. The mythology this time is a little more complicated than just a single adversary or clearly-identifiable issue like Amara. There have probably been more central characters than we tend to see with this show.

Also, it appears as though we’re going to get everything with Lucifer’s baby a.k.a. the ultimate demon spawn when we get around to the end of the season. Maybe that will produce a cliffhanger, but we’re not all that sure about that. Sometimes, it’s rather hard to predict what is going to be coming up Supernatural based on some of the events of the prior season.

What do you want to see for Castiel the rest of the way on Supernatural season 12? Share some of your thoughts in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here to get some more news regarding Thursday night’s new episode. We should have even more of it as we get a little bit closer to the episode airing. (Photo: The CW.)

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