48 Hours: NCIS: Real NCIS Agents share cases with viewers in new show

48 Hours: NCISWhen viewers watch the NCIS series on CBS, they know the people and cases are loosely based on the real agency. There might be some creative license that comes with TV shows, but overall NCIS reflects an important agency basically unknown to the public. Perhaps that’s why 48 Hours: NCIS is creating some buzz with the viewers leading into Tuesday night’s airing.

The United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service is celebrating the 50th anniversary of investigating crimes for the Marine Corps and the Navy. With 140 offices around the globe, the agency is busy. It probably has way more responsibilities than one TV show could offer. Generally, NCIS protects and serves the military community.

On Tuesday night, the viewers of NCIS will get a rare treat. They will watch what real NCIS agents look like and see how crime is fought within the Marine Corps and the Navy. This show is promising more of a documentary look at crime really fought by real NCIS agents. Solving crimes, looking for clues and finding criminals, this firsthand look might be the next best thing to the fictional show. However, let’s be clear, these are real crimes and there are real victims.

Narrated by Rocky Carroll, who plays Direct Leon Vance on NCIS, there will be a bit of familiarity for the show. Turning the cameras on by documenting a real crime is always intriguing. This show is expected to offer more. Some of the crimes won’t be solved and others have closure.

NCIS viewers offered rare look at actual NCIS agents

What has all of us impressed is how this adds to the value of CBS’ most popular TV show. By sharing how this agency works, the viewers a chance to see what NCIS, the TV show, is mirrored after. It allows us to see how hard these unnamed and unknown heroes solve crimes. Plus it’s a huge hat tip to all those individuals who look tirelessly to find closure for people and solve crime. Some families have lost loved ones in ruthless crimes. These agents find answers.

The new show 48 Hours: NCIS brings fans closer to the action behind the scenes in the military. While it might be a very small portion of what these agents do on a daily basis, it makes a big impression. (Photo: CBS.)

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