Is Scorpion new tonight on CBS? More Happy – Toby season 3 news

Scorpion new tonightIs Scorpion new tonight on CBS? Given the way that this past episode ended with Walter and Paige, it’s understandable to want more.

Alas, you’re going to be waiting for a little bit longer — specifically, one more week — to see the show back on the air. The series will return on May 1, and when it does, it will be bringing you a pivotal episode for Happy and Toby. As the preview over at this link indicates, all signs at the moment seem to suggest that this is the episode where the two parties are going to get married.

Just in case you want to get some further evidence that this is happening on May 1, the first look at the May 8 episode entitled “Maroon 8” absolutely suggests that said wedding is happening. After all, you wouldn’t be getting a honeymoon otherwise.

“While en route to Toby and Happy’s honeymoon, Team Scorpion’s plane crash lands on a remote deserted island, leaving them all with little hope for rescue.”

This episode is going to be the first of a two-parter for the series to close out season 3. We’ve already posted some of the first details on the finale, which is going to find the Scorpion team still stranged in the middle of nowhere after several weeks. If there is a little bit of a silver lining here, it’s probably just the sole fact that all of this time out there could actually enable all of them to better work on some of their communication skills. Maybe, this in turn also manages to get Walter and Paige on the same page (word choice intended) by the end of it. We want them to be a couple of course, but it may be a little much for us to ask for that right now given the way in which the most-recent episode ended with Walter firing her, mostly because of the fact that he was upset over precisely what happened over her keeping his confession a secret. Given that Katharine McPhee is a regular on the show, we don’t see her leaving at any point in the near future.

Are you bummed that there is no new Scorpion tonight, and what do you want to see from season 3 in general now? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over here to score some additional news right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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