Outlander season 3: The sights of South Africa

Sights of South AfricaIn today’s Outlander season 3 update, we’re focusing on the sights of South Africa and for good reason — they’re beautiful! there is a part of this that may read in some ways as a tourism ad, but it’s all true and part of the fun that comes out of the South Africa filming process is getting to see some of these places. There may even be a certain once-in-a-lifetime sentiment that comes out of being here for many of the show’s cast members given that this is such a different place and environment to be a part of than Scotland. Who knows how many of them will get a chance to recreate these moments down the road?

Some of the images that we’ve got for you below come via the Twitter and Instagram of writer / executive producer Matthew B. Roberts, which serve as a rather fantastic reminder of both his own talent as a photographer and the amazing location that the cast and crew remain at. It’s also a place with a rather diverse terrain, given that you’ve got the savanna, mountains, the ocean, and anything and everything in between.

Some of this will be reflected within the show, but only to a certain extent given that South Africa is a stand-in for Jamaica. That is a part of what makes this production process so interesting — we’ve spent so much time discussing South Africa that we’re going to have to make the snap-adjustment into thinking of Jamaica when the show actually airs on Outlander this fall.

With that said, we do think that the show is probably going to make that transition easy when we start watching the episodes and they present a Caribbean that feels entirely authentic, even if it was shot thousands of miles away. (For the record, the bottom shot from Roberts below is one of the best views that we’ve had of one of the ships to date. You can almost picture Jamie and Claire aboard it!)

Nice day for a sail #outlander

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Some other fun…

Apparently the show had a surprise visitor to the set earlier this morning in terms of a dolphin! Sam Heughan snapped a shot of that, as the cast and crew were apparently hard at work today. (It’s now nighttime in the Cape Town area.)

Alas, we don’t know how many dolphin cameos we’re going to get on season 3. Maybe we’ll save some of them for the Outlander musical that we created as a part of an April Fools’ prank at the start of the month.

As always, we welcome your thoughts on the story below! We’ll continue to come back with further news on Outlander as we have it.

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