NCIS: Los Angeles: Is the timeslot worst thing about the show?

timeslotIf you love NCIS: Los Angeles as much as I do, you probably have set aside time on Sunday night to watch the popular TV show. Knowing that Agent Callen, Hanna, and the rest of the crew will be out solving crime in Los Angeles (or around the world), you have no worries. It’s going to be a great show and the feeling of satisfaction after the show lingers for hours.

Rarely do I like discussing negative things about TV shows. It’s just not polite. Everyone on the crew, from the actors to the caterers, pour their souls into each episode. What is offered to the viewers should be respected and appreciated.

Yet, one complaint about NCIS: Los Angeles is impacting thousands of viewers. I’d be doing fans a disservice if I didn’t gently ask what can be done to fix this situation. This issue has people hating on the show and impacting the positive buzz around the weekly episodes. What is this thing that viewers hate so much? The time slot.

NCIS: Los Angeles viewers are seriously frustrated about the time the show airs this season. Why? The show keeps getting cut off on the DVRs, preempted by sporting events, and moved around so it’s not consistently on at the time indicated. It’s happening so often on the east coast that viewers are not tuning in because there are too many issues. Will the entire show be on the DVR? Can they sit down on the sofa and see the show start on time? Many people are suggesting that it runs late, so the last 10 to 15 minutes are being cut off by the machines so they have to be at home.

Of course, if you are a regular viewer and you can’t watch the show in the designated time slot, it must be frustrating. If it happens once or twice, it’s probably annoying, but acceptable. Folks currently pointing out the problem are dealing with it over and over again. Missing the ending of the program on a weekly basis is dissatisfying. It’s also very alarming that so many fans have the same issue.

As much as I love NCIS: Los Angeles, I guess I never much thought of just waiting at the house for the show to come on. I made arrangements to see the program anywhere to fit my schedule. I do a lot of traveling and might not be in Los Angeles the night of the show. So I got the CBS streaming service solely to watch the different NCIS shows  on Sunday and Tuesday nights. I see the NCIS crew on my Chromebook every week. If I get there late, I have an opportunity to watch it when I have time. If I want to watch a portion again, I have immediate access. This nonetheless may not be a practical solution for every fan.

NCIS: Los Angeles viewers want all fans to watch

It’s time for a solution to be found so ALL viewers can see the show at the designated time listed on the TV listings. CBS should consider options for the upcoming season of NCIS: Los Angeles. What about a new time slot or a different night? This would avoid any games, events and situations that might air live on Sundays. It’s hard to predict the future, but almost any night might be a better than the current airing time if you are frustrated by delays. Obviously, the NFL isn’t going anywhere.

Suffice to say, NCIS: Los Angeles is a guilty pleasure of millions of viewers. We can’t thank the hardworking staff of the show enough for sharing an hour of entertainment with the viewers. And we can’t imagine not seeing Agent Callen and Agent Hanna taking down the bad guys every week. If this programming issue could be solved next season, we’d all be thrilled because there is nothing better on TV and we want everyone to watch!

This column was written by Jodi Jill and if you’re looking for more then be sure to head on over to the link here. Also, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter! (Photo: CBS.)

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