Chicago Justice episode 10 review: A creative case, but a tragic end

Chicago Justice episode 10 review

Should social media be held accountable for gang violence? This was one of the questions in Chicago Justice episode 10, but it was far from the only question.

“Better has to come from the inside.” This is a quote handed down from Mark Jefferies during the episode, as he made an argument about potentially cleaning up the streets. The entirety of this episode from start to finish was virtually all about trying to unravel a complicated situation that began with a man turning in a gun at an exchange to get cash. He was arrested after it was found that there was blood on the gun, and as he came clear about how he found it, this led Stone and the State’s Attorney’s office to learning about gun violence being at the center of the case. Basically, members were using social media in order to instigate incidents.

Unfortunately, what we saw in this particular episode was Stone at first looking at the wrong guy, and after he was later escorted home, he was shot. He survived, and eventually the attorneys wanted to use him as bait in order to pin down the real guilty party.

In the end, they found this party courtesy of a man in Keo Vincent. It took a little bit of trickery in order to pin him, mostly because of the fact that they brought him in as a material witness, knowing full well that they had a larger purpose for him beyond what they were telling him upfront. Stone got him on the stand, and then the rest here was history … although it took a little bit of resistance. Now that the right guy was arrested, the story for Antonio was about trying to change the culture. Unfortunately, it’s going to take way more than one case in order to change things when it comes to gun violence. We saw that further in the closing minutes of the episode, where the man who started off the episode trying to get rid of the gun was murdered on the street in cold blood.


This episode was yet again another compelling episode of Chicago Justice, and what made it stand out really came in the final ten minutes. What Stone did in order to pin Vincent for the murder was somewhat unorthodox, and this may help it to stand out in the midst of some other cases revolving around gun violence. Unfortunately, the tragic end will also haunt us for some time.

What’s coming up Chicago Justice?

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