The Blacklist season 4 spoilers: The stakes for Reddington, Mr. Kaplan

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The Blacklist season 4 is going to be continuing on Thursday nights, and in the wake of the two episodes that have aired, things are escalating. Specifically, we are talking about the battles to come between Raymond Reddington and Mr. Kaplan, the two diametrically-opposed enemies at the heart of the series. Each one is coming aboard with their own agendas, and plans for what they want to do and how they want to execute it. This is going to be fun for us to watch, but it’s also going to be messy.

One of the larger questions that we have coming out of the past two episodes, though, is what the ultimate endgame for Kaplan really is. Does she still want to protect Liz, or is her fury for Red so extreme and white-hot at this point that she is ignoring virtually everything else? Judging from what executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had to say recently to TV Guide, there is a little bit of that fury still present:

“This gets really gritty. It’s incredibly personal, and it’s a fight that becomes about ideas. Kaplan is somebody who believes that Reddington can’t be in Liz’s life, period. Kaplan tried to extract Elizabeth Keen from Reddington’s purview. She tried to risk her way to Cuba, and thought she could maybe give her a new life. But she is now seeing that that is not going to work, and that Reddington’s grasp is simply too strong. And Kaplan really is going to re-focus her fight in a really dangerous way, in that she feels like the only thing that can be done is that Reddington has to be taken off the board. The only way that she can really free Elizabeth Keen from Reddington’s grasp is by eliminating Raymond Reddington. And so, it really is one of these character turns that is fun to watch unfold because she’s so much of a ideologue and so dead-set on what must happen. It’s even difficult for Reddington to even have a conversation with her, she’s so hell-bent on destroying him.”

So far, she’s shown with digging up the bodies what she is willing to do, and her capacity for using things that are so familiar to him effectively against him. This should prove to be very dangerous because Reddington’s already been carrying around this guilt of thinking that he’d killed her once. How can he figure out a way to do so again, and will that only open the wound further? These are interesting questions worth pondering over at present.

For now, what do you want to see for the Reddington – Mr. Kaplan duel on The Blacklist season 4? Share below.

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