Madam Secretary season 3 episode 20 spoilers: The quest to save Jay

Secretary season 3 episode 20While there are always some serious stakes within the world of this show, they’ll be especially high on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 20. After all, there’s going to be a kidnapping at the center of the case, and it’s with a familiar character in Jay. It’d be one thing if this was someone we really didn’t care about at all, but this is someone who is an important part of the story being told. Elizabeth is going to have to figure out a way to help him, but the impersonal part of that may be that she has to figure out a way in which to do that without jeopardizing anything else that is going on.

For some further news on that, you don’t have to look any further than what we’ve got for you below.

Madam Secretary season 3 episode 20 synopsis – “As the U.S. hunts for the person believed to be behind the CIA arms smuggling case, Elizabeth and her team must work to save Jay when he’s kidnapped in Nice, France, during a fact-finding mission into the suspect. Also, Henry suspects the doomsday cult is planning an attack in Israel, and Jason dupes his parents into giving him money for an expensive calculator when he’s really using it to impress a girl.”

We’ve said this a few times over now, but we don’t mind that there’s a story that is a little more small-scale in the story like Jason duping his parents. For one, some of those calculators are expensive on a really ridiculous and silly level! (We remember that from when we were in school.) Also, it humanizes the characters, and makes it a little bit easier in order to properly relate to what some of them are going through. That is not always easy within the world of this show given that we don’t have some higher diplomatic position and haven’t had to chase down any doomsday cult as of late.

What do you want to see on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 20, and do you think that Jay will emerge okay? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to click here to get some further news when it comes to the show! We’ll have a full review for the episode online before too long. (Photo: CBS.)

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