Chicago Justice episode 11 promo: Who’s the real guilty party?

Chicago Justice episode 11Chicago Justice episode 11 will be airing on NBC next week, and you better believe that this installment will continue to ask tough questions … really just like many others before it.

Specifically, this episode, entitled “AQD,” will tell the story of motive. Who suffered the most in this case, and what were the real intentions? Given that so many people at the heart of this story were victims of some sort of trick, this could be a difficult case to figure out.

Chicago Justice episode 11 synopsis – “When an anti-environmentalist Alderman is killed during a vicious hit-and-run, Antonio (Jon Seda) and Nagel (Joelle Carter) go all out to track down the driver. But instead of this being an organized hit to save the environment, it turns out the driver is a frantic mother desperate to save her kidnapped daughter. When Valdez (Monica Barbaro) discovers the mother was victim of a scam, the legal question becomes complicated: who is responsible for the Alderman’s death? The mother trying to save her daughter? Or the perpetrators of the scam?”

As for what AQD stands for within this context (there are several different possibilities out there), one of the stronger ones could be Air Quality Digest, given that we are presumably dealing with an anti-environmentalist at the center of this case. This is an episode where it appears as though the case is going to be the star, and that is something that interests us given that this is what Dick Wolf and the entire Law & Order family did so well for so many years.

Promo – Following the tragic end to tonight’s episode, it’s understandable if you were hoping for something a little more pleasant. However, that’s not what is coming. Instead, what you’re getting here is something called “virtual kidnapping,” a case that is all about belief, and the State’s Attorney’s office being in a place where they don’t know what exactly to do. Expect a story that is even more complicated than almost anything else that is coming up.

What are your hopes and expectations when it comes to Chicago Justice episode 11? Share some of your hopes on the subject below! We’ll have more further news coming up when it comes to the series.

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