Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 19 promo: The Black Fairy secret

The Black FairyOnce Upon a Time season 6 episode 19 is entitled “The Black Fairy.” We don’t think it’s going to take too much effort to guess what it’s about.

One of the things that remains perpetually interesting about both this story and this character is rather simple: Within the world of Once Upon a Time, people are often not born evil. There’s something over the course of their lives that causes them to be transformed in such a terrible direction. For example, with Rumpelstiltskin we saw many of his own evil ways come about as a result of his family and his upbringing. Zelena turned green out of envy. Meanwhile, Regina wanted revenge on Snow White so badly that she took up a journey to become the Evil Queen.

What made the Black Fairy so evil, and the central figure leading to the Final Battle? This is what we’re hoping to find out further as we get closer to the big finale. Hopefully, that is going to be one of the focuses for this episode. Given that there are only four more installments left in the season / potentially the series, it makes sense to have some more context into what makes someone evil before the final battle gets here.

Beyond of course all of that, Jaime Murray’s a tremendous performer and we’re never going to turn down an opportunity to see as much of her on the show as humanly possible. She’s also very good at playing either evil or conflicted characters. So far, we’d classify the Black Fairy as purely evil, but there are always ways to turn that around. for example, maybe there is someone else that caused her to be evil, and we’re going to continue the tradition of the villains on this show being somewhat akin to nesting dolls.

Promo – Want to know the truth about why the Black Fairy abandoned Rumpelstiltskin? This episode is going to reveal that, and also give you more of a sense as to the stakes of the Final Battle.

Oh, and in the closing seconds you get a quick tease for the upcoming musical episode, as well.

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Meanwhile, be sure to head over here for some further news on the series! We will have a full review for Sunday night’s new episode soon. (Photo: ABC.)


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