Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion: Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks on Mama Joyce

Mama JoyceIt doesn’t seem to matter what season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta you’re talking about — Mama Joyce always finds a way to be involved.

In the preview below from Sunday night’s reunion show, we get an opportunity to see a rare occasion these days in which both Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss are in agreement — they each think that Joyce went too far getting herself involved into Phaedra’s divorce. We can’t say we disagree here, since for some reason Joyce’s M.O. on this show has always been to get herself involved in situations that she has no business being in. She is very entertaining at times, but she’s certainly questionable at others. This is one of those occasions that we would say qualifies as one of the “other” times.

Understandable, Phaedra remains upset at her involvement … and then turns this into some sort of opportunity to turn things around on the Old Lady Gang restaurant, which she claims needs some more of Joyce’s attention and investigation. Kandi tries to stand up for the eatery, which was, at the time of the filming, getting set to open. (According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, they are still in the “soft opening” phase, operating under some limited hours.)

We should say that this is in some ways the classic Real Housewives reunion conversation, with the subject starting in one direction before being spun around and made into something completely different. All of a sudden, we’re now in a situation where we are talking about the OLG at a time when we didn’t think that we would be. We wish that we could say that we were surprised by this, but we’re really not. This is probably how the final three parts of the reunion are going to go.

If you are expecting Mama Joyce to someday change, the only thing that we can say as a response to that is “don’t.” This is clearly the sort of character that she is within this universe, given that she hasn’t changed at all since the start of the show and we have no reason to think that she will now the rest of the way.

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Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here in the event you want some additional news / previews when it comes to Sunday’s episode. (Photo: Bravo.)

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