Better Call Saul season 3 episode 3 sneak peek: Jimmy McGill’s phone call

Better Call Saul season 3This Better Call Saul season 3 episode 3 sneak peek is, at least for Jimmy McGill, all about buying a little bit of time for himself professionally … to deal with things personally.

With that, let’s look back at where this past episode ended: Jimmy realized just how screwed he was. He went over to Chuck’s to destroy the recording that he made, but in the midst of his tear, did not realize that Howard was there to be a witness to everything. Chuck now has the legal recourse to go after Jimmy and potentially win, and Jimmy’s aware of that. It’s hard to say for certain what he is planning, but he does call up Francesca and have her cancel the majority of the appointments that he has in the immediate future. He also tells her to tell Kim that he won’t be coming in. Given that Jimmy easily could call Kim correctly, this feels like him doing his best to skirt any potential conflict because he’s being an extreme coward.

Don’t get us wrong — we’re all for Jimmy being a coward given that it’s a step in his evolution towards Saul. This is a man who literally ran away from all of his problems at the end of that show.

We’ve seen in various previews already (including the promo for Monday’s episode) that Jimmy will find some of his legal trouble spiking. As a result of this, we do imagine both his relationship with his brother and potentially Kim deteriorating. We can actually chart the course now towards him adopting his new persona. Let’s say that he does something so egregiously dirty in order to free himself that it prompts Chuck to no longer want to be near him. Maybe it ends with Chuck dying, with Chuck going to jail somehow, or him going off and being even more of a hermit somewhere. Maybe what Jimmy does also encourages Kim to get the hell out of Dodge; maybe Mesa Verde isn’t worth the trouble that she is going to be forced into dealing with when it comes to Jimmy.

Ultimately, we’ll see where this story goes come Monday night; rest assured, we will be back with some further updates after the episode airs.

Meanwhile, share some of your thoughts on this episode in the comments!

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