Outlander season 3: The latest Q&A session highlights

Q&A sessionWe posted yesterday that there would be an Outlander season 3 question-and-answer session on Twitter this morning featuring show executive producer Maril Davis. Now, we’re here to be the akin of a postgame commentator for some of what she had to say.

Obviously, Davis couldn’t give too much away when it comes to the story of the season. Even if Outlander is based on Voyager and readers out there know already the story, there could be some changes; also, there are plenty of non-readers out there who don’t want things spoiled.

Therefore, look at this analysis within that context; also, let’s start this off by giving Davis an added thank-you for taking the time to do this in the midst of what must be a busy time. (She’s not in South Africa at the moment, but there’s still a great deal of work to be done on the show from afar.)

1. Filming flashbacks – We wondered if the producers may have filmed some flashback scenes in Scotland to air in some of the later episodes of the season, where the bulk of the story will be filmed in South Africa. (After all, it’s hard to recreate places like Boston or Scotland there!) Based on Davis’ comment, that may be the case.

2. Don’t get too ahead of yourself – it’s a little early to start thinking about season 4 from a casting point of view. With that said, the writers / producers will of course start on it before anyone else, likely not long after season 3 wraps in June.

With that said, Davis did confirm elsewhere that location scouting is going on already. That’s something we did report on previously.

3. Harold Grey, otherwise known as the Earl of Melton, is coming – Unfortunately, there’s not too much else to say here officially.

4. There were new sets built in South Africa – We know that there was some groundwork laid because of Black Sails, but there was still some work to be done elsewhere.

5. A potential writers’ strike won’t impact season 3 – This is a subject we haven’t broached a lot here on the site, mostly because it’s a complicated issue. Therefore, we can’t speak too much to any potential season 4 delays. We just want to reiterate that writers make every show what they are, and they often don’t get the respect in terms of recognition or compensation. Our support’s behind them 100%.

6. Maril’s not saying who Jamie is hugging in the teaser – We recently wrote a full article about this, if you missed it.

7. She already has a favorite quote from season 3 – It’s in the third episode. Also, remember that she has seen all of the scripts, even if there are a few more for the cast to film between now and June.

Thanks again to Maril! If you look at her Twitter timeline, there are many more subjects that aren’t covered here. We’ll of course be back throughout the week with new Outlander highlights over here. (Photo: Starz.)

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