The Bachelorette photo: Another look at Rachel Lindsay

Bachelorette photoIn the latest The Bachelorette photo, we’re continuing to get more and more of a feel for how producers are promoting Rachel Lindsay’s season. Specifically, they are throwing a whole lotta red out there!

The latest photo from the show’s official Twitter account is one of the latest bits of insight that we’ve received into how ABC is promoting the new batch of episodes, and it’s very clear through this that they are using the color red as a cornerstone to everything that they are doing. It’s no surprise, given that this is something that they’ve done for many seasons now, but we do like that there is a certain relaxed element to the image with the way that she’s lounging on the chair to the sight of her casually holding the rose. It’s not something over-the-top and proper, though we know that there will be both of these over the course of the season itself.

As for where Rachel likely is in terms of filming her season at the moment, our guess is that she’s off filming some element of hometown dates right now. We’ve heard that this will be different in some way this time, and that there will be a different way people meet Rachel’s own family. Maybe she’ll also still get to travel to meet some other families as well, given that this is one of the biggest parts of every season of the show. It’s a very different energy since you are throwing so many different personalities into the mix. Some family members seem happy to be there, whereas others are either downright irritated or simply concerned that their loved ones’ feelings are going to be hurt at the end of the season. It’s understandable that there would be reasons for concern — just look at what sort of show this is! It’s the sort where unfortunately, this sort of concern is just a natural part of it since the Bachelorette is only going to be picking one person at the end of the season.

With production starting to near the end and with the show’s big premiere coming at some point next month, we figure that there will be a big reveal or a trailer at some point soon. Stay tuned!

For now, let us know your expectations for this season of The Bahcleorette in the comments, and you can also head over to the link here in the event you want some other news when it comes to the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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