Pretty Little Liars season 7 spoilers: Lucy Hale confirms two weddings

Lucy Hale

Just in case you were hoping that Pretty Little Liars would be extra romantic when the show gets closer to the finale, Lucy Hale has big news. By the time the series finale ends, there will be more than one wedding. What does this mean? While we’ve got a crazy mental picture of several couples getting married at one time like some sort of wacky TLC show, we concede that this is probably not what we’re going to be seeing on the show. Still, there may be some other ways to make the the remainder of this season.

In speaking out about this further to The Huffington Post, here is what Hale had to say:

“This whole season, in general, is just very romantic. You get to see all of the couples together and there’s a wedding … or are there two weddings? Yes, there’s one main wedding … hmmm, I don’t know if I was supposed to say there are two weddings, but whatever, we’ll just let that slide … Pregnancies, kids, yeah. The girls are grown up.”

So who are the candidates to tie the knot? Aria / Ezra are one of the obvious candidates given that they’ve already gotten engaged. While there may be some drama at the moment courtesy of Nicole, at the same time there’s so much history there that we have to assume that the two parties are going to find a good way to work all of this out.

As for one of the other main candidates, you have to look a little bit more towards Hanna and Caleb right now. They did just hook up, and they are at the closest point in the relationship to making it happen. We do think that Spencer / Toby and Alison / Emily are other possibilities, but given that neither is actually together now, there is no guarantee that either relationship will happen. We do remain hopeful, though, based on the majority of the conversation that is out there.

Before anyone can have a romantic future, they do have some other matters to deal with when it comes to A.D. moving forward this season. In the wake of the “game” and the warning on this past episode, this is what the characters will be preparing to take on come Tuesday night. You can head over here to preview further what lies ahead there. (Photo: Freeform.)

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