Ratings: The state of Rosewood season 3 renewal odds

Rosewood season 3Is there a chance at a Rosewood season 3 renewal over at Fox? We know that there are many people out there likely interested in seeing this happen, and we want to root for it simply as a means of cheering them on.

As for what the odds are based on the latest ratings, the courteous thing to say is that the show probably has a 50-50 chance at best at coming back. Last night’s new episode drew in total a 0.6 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, which is just slightly below the season average; however, it is also an increase from some other recent outings.

Were this a show on any other night, we would go ahead and say that the show’s chances of coming back are somewhere between slim and none. However, there is one little bit of silver lining that it has, and that is the network in which it’s on the air. Fox is not in the midst of a great season — Scream Queens is likely done, Bones is over, and the jury is still out on many other shows from The Exorcist to Gotham, Pitch, and 24: Legacy. Of these shows, Gotham is the one most likely to come back, and with the others we’re simply having to sit back and cross our fingers.

If Fox does bring back Rosewood, it will likely be for some other factors beyond just the simple 18-49 demographic. Maybe there are some other demos in there that they like in terms of the numbers, or maybe it performs well enough via some of the other DVR metrics that they don’t mind all that much.

If you love the show, we ultimately suggest that you do what we first suggested in our finale preview article from yesterday — be sure to check out the last episode live, and tell all of your friends and family to do the same exact thing. This may be the one opportunity that you have in order to ensure that the show does end up coming back for another season. Even if you do watch, it may not be enough, but you can say that you gave it every bit of effort possible.

What do you think are the chances that we do end up getting to see a Rosewood season 3? Be sure to share your thoughts and hopes on the subject now in the comments! (Photo: Fox.)

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