The Blacklist season 4 spoilers: Who is targeting Liz Keen?

The Blacklist logo any seasonIf you love what The Blacklist brought to the table over the course of the two hours that aired on Thursday, rest assured that there is so much more to come in terms of drama. We now know for certain that it is Mr. Kaplan who will be the Big Bad for the remainder of the season, just as we also know that her motivations are fairly singular — the destruction of Reddington by any means necessary.

One of the interesting questions that goes along with this arc, though, is what the motivations are going to be for Mr. Kaplan when it comes to Liz Keen. When she was younger, protecting Masha was one of her big objectives; meanwhile, she helped her fake her own death just to get away from James Spader’s character. Isn’t it therefore possible that she could be safe from Kate? Maybe, but that’s a big risk to automatically assume.

On the upcoming May 11 installment entitled “The Debt Collector,” one of the big things that we’re going to be seeing over the course of the story is a rather complicated case where Liz becomes the target of a mysterious mercenary known as the Debt Collector. Is this someone hired by Mr. Kaplan, or do they have their own motivation? It’s a little early to know for sure, but she’s going to have to turn to Reddington for help. In turn, he may also turn to an unlikely source. We’re not sure how helpful Tom is going to be, mostly because these episodes were being filmed roughly at the same time to when The Blacklist: Redemption was.

The longer this storyline goes, the more questions that we’re likely going to have about the endgame. It’s a tricky situation to be in when it comes to Mr. Kaplan — we really like the character, and in some ways, her actions are understandable. Yet, simultaneously what she is doing is jeopardizing the show’s central relationship, and many of the characters that we care about so much. Basically, this is going to be rather complicated.

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