Don’t expect Sherlock season 5 with new Holmes, Watson

Sherlock season 5If there ever is a Sherlock season 5 down the road, there is one thing that you can absolutely count on: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson. Maybe it’s possible that you don’t end up getting to see another season, but in the minds of the show’s creative team, that’s better than trying to replace them for the sake of making money and producing more content.

In speaking per the Radio Times at a recent event, executive producer Steven Moffat insisted that there will “absolutely” not be another edition of the show without the two leads. He went on to explain a few more of his thoughts on the subject:

“That show is Benedict plus Martin, more than anything – they could get rid of me and Mark [Gatiss] first … It’s Benedict and Martin, it has to be them.

“That doesn’t mean that there won’t be other Sherlock Holmes – there are already other Sherlocks and other Watsons out there – but this version of Sherlock Holmes is those two actors, it absolutely is. And I know that because I saw it[…] the very first time that Martin and Benedict played those parts together in the audition room.”

The biggest thing that we’re hoping for at the moment is just that at some point down the road, the cast and producers get together and realize that there are some more interesting stories that they want to tell … and that they all have the time in order to tell them. At the moment, this is one of the biggest issues that the show is facing — just trying to find most of the hours in the day given that Freeman and Cumberbatch each have very busy careers.

When it comes to Moffat, meanwhile, we get the sense that following Doctor Who finishing up its tenth season, he is also looking forward further to exploring some other avenues and creating something that did not already exist in the universe. He’s earned our loyalty enough that we’re going to be checking out anything else that he comes up with.

While it may be a while before we have some further news to report on when it comes to Sherlock, you can nevertheless head over to the link here in the event that you do want to see everything that we’ve reported so far — including episode reviews! (Photo: BBC.)

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